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Let me introduce myself…

Hello wonderful soul. Let me introduce myself. My name is Alekandra. All our talismans are soul made, and I say that because the idea came spontaneously through meditation. 

So far, I am one. I choose and energize semi- precious stone, I do different mantras all the way while putting together what is later going to become your favorite talisman. And I don’t say jewelry because it’s much more that that. Through meditation and set intention in the process of making talismans, the effects of the already existing beneficial properties of the stones is increased and energy for life optimization is created, all in the function of increasing energy and resilience of its owner.

Other people who have them already would best describe what they are to them. 

So , I asked them to tell you something about us. And they did… 

Aleksandar: ” In addition to natural support for restoring balance, also have a conscious intention to constitute energy and serve as an aid to meditation and spiritual practice in general” 

Ana Dj: “All the values that Aleksandra possesses as a woman who lives and permeates love through her creation are woven into every thread of her talismans. They send clear convictions to each of us, who have the privilege, first of all, to feel and then carry this wonderful energy, which is recognized by others”

Tamara: “Aleksandra’s creations always exude her spirit, depth and joy. Her talisman brought me many insights, I slept with it, and lost it at the right moment. He took part of the burden, and then some new ones came – to bring deeper love and sweetness. Nowadays, we rarely have the opportunity to witness authentic human beauty – and creativity – and daire.gems carries both. Thank you Alex for shining your light and spreading it further.”

Katarina: “I bought a necklace and a bracelet from Daire gems and in a short period of time, what I noticed about myself, considering that I am into meditation and yoga, is that the stone I chose- petrified wood, really calms me down and gives me peace of mind, clarity and I feel benefits through meditative processes”

Milan : When I put the Daire Gems talisman around my neck, I knew it was mine and for me. I don’t know how to put it in words, but I’m sure that each of us can recognize in life when it’s that! It gives me a sense of security and serenity, specially in places where I am surrounded by a large number of people I do not know. In a moment, I go back to some dear places, I remember Nepal, the Himalayas, Bali. Peace puts a smile back on the face, the smile continues to do its job.

Sandra: Daire Gems is much more than beautiful jewelry to me. Apart from the fact that it is aesthetically beautiful and modern, it first of all gives me vital energy just by looking at it. What he constantly reminds me of is that we are all here for a purpose and gives me calmness and motivation to live that purpose.

Ana O: The necklace and bracelet, which I got during my pregnancy, have become a symbol of creation and love that I can now carry with me everywhere.

Every person who notices this jewelry gets a warm glow in their eyes and shares their delight with me.

From the moment I opened the perfect package until now, the moments of enjoyment with the necklace and bracelet, like the beads on them, have been in a row.

Thank you Alexandra.